Dior called this show Disturbing Beauty, and it DOES have a dark and dour feel, even when the clothes themselves shine. It was shot in the Hall of Mirrors, but per Vogue:

[Maria Grazia] Chiuri lined the hall with artworks by the Italian artist Silvia Giambrone: mirrors waxed to obscure the reflection, riddled with thorns like something out of Beauty and the Beast. “She sees the relationship we have with the mirror as an attraction, but at the same time, repulsion,” the designer said. There, alongside her models, performers choreographed by Sharon Eyal engaged in passionate dialogues with the mirrors. “It’s as if she advises the young girls on the runway: ‘If you want to build your identity, don’t look yourself in the mirror,’” Chiuri said. “It’s something we talked about a lot. If you want to concentrate, you can’t look at your reflection.”

As dimly and grimly as it’s lit, though, stick with it — there’s stuff in here we’ll wish to see on somebody SOMEDAY; with a couple exceptions, it picks up around slide 32.

[Photos: Imaxtree]