What a bittersweet image. Celine, abloom, blossoming into her queenness, yet waving at us as if to say so long and farewell. It was her last sidewalk stomp before she and the rest of us went into lockdown, and she did not disappoint. I have to say, once the world finds its way back, a good old fashioned Summer of Celine in Paris is exactly what I need. What celebrity have you been yearning for? What combination of familiar face and fashion moment is the first thing you want to see? I want Lupita when we get to the other side. I miss the magic of Billy Porter. I want Miss Tyra smizing and Heidi Klum letting it all hang out and Janelle in hats Gugu Mbatha-Raw working a delicate gown. I’d happily take Gaga in another dress made of whatever’s on special at the butcher counter. And I really want some heavily OTT Celine. I could go on — the list is long — but I’d rather hear who’s on yours.

[Photo: Getty]