If you’re not following Diane Kruger on Instagram, you should. She posts a lot of fun pictures of herself, but more importantly, she is not shy about sharing Pacey on there — including one the other day of her cat appearing to high-five his foot. And finally, occasionally she mixes up a word and writes things like, in a post about a female friend, “Thanks for years of unconstitutional love.” It’s a treat.

As is this dress (how’s THAT for a transition?):

I wish parts of the shoes weren’t plastic, but the entire vibe here — the clutch that matches (I think) her heels, and the mod frock — is fabulous on her. If a genie came out of a bottle right in front of me and told me I could change any of my body parts, I would swap in her legs immediately. Well, first I would explain to the genie, “Generally, this is not how genies work, and you need to rethink the specificity of your approach,” but THEN I would say, “Also, give me Diane Kruger’s legs, and throw in Pacey because if they’re touching we can consider him an extension of her.” Then we’d probably get into a fight and he’d give me Tori Spelling’s Season 10 90210 boobs without me asking and threaten to leave them there, but in the end we’d make up and maybe even have some impossible feelings for each other before I sauntered away on THOSE LEGS and became my very best self.

[Photo: Getty]