This W party was celebrating the spectacularly wacky art in its Best Performances Issue, and you know Amy Adams is a total pro because her cover was CRAZY but she still showed up to do her part. And, like every redhead should, IN GREEN:

I admit to being so struck dumb by the wonders of the color — and her cranial styling; her hair is so divine here that I think mine just started crying — that I didn’t really pay close attention to the details for a while. Looking closer, the outfit is sort of… okay? It might be committing the same sin Jessica Chastain’s clothes sometimes do, which is, being just a few degrees too snug to the point where it bullies her body a little. And a bracelet wouldn’t have gone amiss, and is the length awkward? Ten points to Gryffindor for the shoes, though. Someone in Fug Nation pointed out that you can tell she’s a dancer by how gracefully her feet slide into the giant heels, and it’s so true. My feet would be the size of watermelons after ten minutes in those.

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