Demi has a documentary premiering this week, in which she is super-honest about her struggles with addiction and about her life in general (including her sexual assaults), and, as ever, I admire her for being so forthcoming; I’m sure it’s helping countless people that she is so open. That is obviously exponentially more important than what she is wearing, but also she looks cute here AND something about this makes me think that — once theatre is safe again — Demi Lovato would be great in Chicago and we need someone to make this happen, please.

She also performed at this premiere, and changed for the stage:

OBB Premiere Event For YouTube Originals Docuseries

This is very glamorous 80s, in a way that makes me want Demi Lovato to star — when she’s done with Chicago — in a musical adaptation of Desperately Seeking Susan, which is such a great idea that I couldn’t believe no one had done it, so I looked it up and someone did and apparently it was not good (it was a Blondie musical, the way Mamma Mia is an ABBA musical). The door is still open for your version, Demi! You could crush this!

[Photos by Rich Fury/Getty Images for OBB Media]