There is something so CoverGirl about this shot, right down to the fact that judging by a couple strands of hair, it was indeed breezy.

Her face undoubtedly looks fantastic here, and is in fact for me the highlight of the outfit, so let’s enjoy it for a second before we have to drink in the entire picture.

I am so grateful for color. Truly. I do not want to look a gift Pantone in the mouth (mostly because if the Pantone wheel HAS a mouth, it doesn’t know it and thus has terrible dental hygiene). But this does absolutely nothing for me. There’s something both matronly and maternity about it, and worse, it looks like a budget swap — of those in-spirit-only A.B.S. Allen Schwartz knockoffs of someone else’s red carpet dress.

And the embellishment on the back seems a little twee to me, like desperation bling vomit. And those words, my friends, are why I changed this from a “Fug or Fab” to a straight-up fug. I just feel like you can’t come back from Desperation Bling Vomit, which is also my approximately forty-fifth future band.

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