After all of Anne’s theatrics during the Les Miserables junkets, I think this was a really smart pick:

At first I wsn’t sure if the sternum region was as flattering to her as it could be, but actually, this sucker is slinky and shimmery and sexy and gorgeous without needing to tack on a cape or any boots that may or may not once have been seen in a sex swing. Simplicity is refreshing every once in a while. Also, this might mean she’s just lulling us into submission for something REALLY INSANE at the Golden Globes, and that is in fact my fondest hope. I’m rooting for her to wear the actual sex swing this time. While we wait, though, I’m perfectly happy gazing at how long and willowy and trim she looks in this, and wondering if I have the strength to give up bread. (I don’t. It will be a short conversation with myself.)

[Photo: Getty]