Ted Lasso has fleshed out the Richmond teammates more and more each season, which, again, I think is somebody’s stealth plan to audition aspects of the show for a sans-Ted spinoff. And few things have been as delightful as Dani Rojas, from his weeping for Zava to that whole runner with tulips — sorry, tulip, singular — in the Amsterdam episode. I find myself getting weird hostess anxiety with him. Like, he wasn’t with the team until partway through season one, and when he showed up I was like, “Oh, PLEASE can he be happy here,” as if any of this is real?!? That’s how charming this dude is. ANYHOO, here’s another Lasso panel, with a few faces missing but a couple nice adds. I did notice that Nick Mohammed hasn’t done much, if any, press for this season. I wonder if he’s just that busy, or if it was just really hard on him last season when Nate turned heel and people didn’t like it; now they’ve tried to pivot Nate without actually addressing any of his toxicity, and fans don’t like that EITHER. Tough row to hoe for Nick, who is doing a great job with whatever they give him, even if it doesn’t make sense. Come back to us, Nick! You didn’t create the problems!

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