Anne Dudek is one of those unsung actresses who is in everything, and is really good in all of it — like, not long ago, she concurrently did significant stints on House, Mad Men (Francine, where are you? I know you Have Thoughts about Betty), and Big Love, where she still plays Alby Grant’s cuckolded First Wife. And, presumably just because she CAN, she’s also on Covert Affairs, dropping in for fifteen seconds per episode to play Piper Perabo’s sister — a role that is way, way beneath her on a show that is way, way beneath her, and which I kind of wish had cast her in Piper’s part.

This? Also beneath her:
NBC Universal's 2010 TCA Summer Party - Arrivals
The rules are thus: Never get into a land war in Asia; never go up against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line; and never wear jersey when it’s hot outside, or else a map of The Great Lakes will slowly develop anywhere glistening skin bumps fabric. Also, don’t wear shapeless jersey shifts, period, and don’t wear a necklace that points to the places where said jersey shift is least flattering to you, and a heavy lip only makes your heavy eye makeup look weightier, and… you know what, there are a lot of rules being broken here. I might just write up a formal citation and mail it to her manager.