2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - After Party

NICKY HILTON: Have you completely lost the ability to stand normally?

PARIS HILTON: I totally don’t know what you mean.

NICKY: I think that’s like a yoga move, basically. You’re essentially doing a backbend. It’s weird.

PARIS: This is how I stand to brush my teeth. This is totally normal.

NICKY: You know what IS totally normal?

PARIS: Um, yes. Our outfits.

NICKY: Weird, right?

PARIS: All undergarments accounted for. Two legs on my tights. No leggings. You’re not wearing that one shirt you used to wear all the time. I just used the word “accounted.” AND “undergarments.”

NICKY: I mean, do we look AMAZING?

PARIS: I do.


PARIS: We look cute. Let’s leave it at that.

NICKY: It makes me uneasy.