Did you watch the first season of Versailles? I watched the entire thing in one fell swoop one weekend when I was sick and it’s chockfull of People Having Romantical Problems During Olden Times, and also lots of sex. The second season premieres here in the United States on Saturday night (September 30th, on Ovation), and it seemed like this afternoon might be a soothing time to sit back and look at some of the first season’s pretty pretty costumes. I feel like some of these characters will literally die if they don’t have a giant explosion of lace at the neck. (This also seems like a good time to revisit our interview with the show’s costume designer, Madeline Fontaine. Apologies for the fact that the images in that post are broken at the moment. That is being fixed! Along with our mobile site and some other stuff. JUST FOCUS ON THE DRAMATIC SLEEVES.)

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