I just love this picture of them:

She’s like, “oh you loveable scamp,” and he is like, “what can I say? I’m Keith Urban!” It looks like a promo shot for an ABC Family show about a loveable country music star who keeps getting into scrapes (due to his uncontrollably generous nature) and the tall, amused woman who loves him. Honestly,  I am sort of unexpectedly pleased that these two are still making it work. As I confessed during Cannes, I have a fondness for Nicole and I want her to be happy. And I also like Keith, even if his current haircut makes him look like he’s thinking about starting a boy band, which could ALSO happen on his ABC Family show. It could be him, JC Chasez (I want JC to have a job, you guys), Nick Lachey, and Scott Porter, who will ALSO need a job once Hart of Dixie is over, and we know he has moves.

But enough about this brilliant idea that’s going to make me my great fortune. Let’s talk about what Nicole is wearing. I’d like it better if it didn’t seem like she was wearing one dress over a wholly other dress. We don’t need to reinvent the dress by making it MORE Dress. Just do ONE dress that’s all the dress a person might need, you guys. It doesn’t seem all that complex.

What do you think?

[Photo: Getty]