So, let’s talk about this. On the afternoon of the CMA Awards, at which nominee/presumptive multiple winner Miranda Lambert would be appearing and performing, her ex Blake Shelton “confirms” rumors that he is “dating” Gwen Stefani after being together “just days” (per TMZ). First: Who issues a confirmation statement after DAYS together? Maybe they hooked up ages ago and are fudging the time line for maximum divorce clearance, or maybe they’re making it up because it’s mutually satisfying from a press perspective, because people will stop obsessing over your ex and start obsessing over your new relationship with a very very popular person. Second: There is no way this was coincidental timing, and so the whole thing seems very Up Yours, which is why it made me laugh to see Miranda show up with such Stefani-esque pink hair:

Maybe she always meant to do that (as of Sunday it was regular), but I prefer to imagine that it’s her way of saying, “I see you that salvo, and DEFLECT IT.” As for the dress… it’s pretty enough on her, but not a whole lot of FUN (not even with the hair), and FUN-capital-letters is something I would be drumming up in spades right now if I were in her shoes. I get that Classy and Coping Super Well and Pulled Together is an important message, too, but there are ways to do that with a bit more sass and brightness. And without a seatbelt across her collarbone.

[Photo: Getty]