This Jenny Packham is pretty on Taylor Swift, and it’s interesting — we know the girl loves red, and we know she loves nude/pearly colors (that might be palest pink?), but it’s rare that she goes with a pattern.

This is graceful and striking on her. It’s also brilliantly thematic: Her album is called Red, and it’s about boyfriends — hence the roses — but it’s also about heartbreak, which plays into the dress’s mild aura of looking like somebody shot her right in the love-chest. It’s unusual for me to suggest that a coronary-dynamite effect is attractive on a gown, but here it really is.


This was charming, if a little quaintly Kennedy in a way that’s so a couple days ago. But what really amuses me here is that although, yes, everyone jokes about the absurdity of Taylor Swift still giving that “OMG you LIKE ME?!? WHAT?!?” face every time people clap for her and/or award her something, I actually think that we’ve come back around to that being a surprise again. Because people complain so much about it, and her, that she probably IS again genuinely shocked to get warm receptions. It’s the circle of life. And it moves us all.

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