I am extremely curious how this will translate to a miniseries. I read the book — by the brilliant Taffy Akner, she of so many unforgettable celebrity profiles, some of which I will link at the end of this — and I really was not sure whether I was enjoying the ride, until one point very very deep into it where the way she wrote something made me realize how clever the entire endeavor was. But it was a bit of a slog to get there and that moment of brilliance for me existed entirely in the prose, when and where and in the meta way it was deployed, and I don’t know how they’ll achieve it on screen. They might! I mean, she adapted the series, and presumably she feels the same way about that moment as I do. (I’m being intentionally vague because if you haven’t read it but plan to watch the show, it might spoil you.)

Anyhoo, here is the premiere of Fleishman Is In Trouble, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Claire Danes as the Fleishmans, two people whom I cannot imagine having sexual chemistry. Can I also just tell you that, while I know that no one man has true ownership over a font, I always think of this font — the title font on the backdrop — as The Woody Allen Font because he used it for so many of his movies? A pox on THAT dude and his little font, too.

Finally, if you want to walk down memory lane with Taffy, all her NYT pieces are paywalled. The GQ pieces want you to enter your e-mail address, but don’t make you pay. Consider yourself warned. The GQ profile of Robert Pattinson is a truly zany piece of brilliance. Nicki Minaj once fell asleep during their GQ interview. Nicki fell asleep. She famously wrote one called “Bradley Cooper Is Not Really Into This Profile” for the Times, her Tom Hanks piece for them is kind of a gentle weepie, and she dug deep into the warts and all of GOOP. (One of the reasons I abhor Gwyneth is that when Taffy called her out on the lack of fact-checking GOOP does, Gwyneth basically laughed and was like, “You bet we don’t do fact-checking,” which is so irresponsible when you are peddling wellness advice, ugh, I can’t ever give her an inch because of that shit.)

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