Brigsby Bear was a Sundance film, and it co-stars SNL’s Kyle Mooney — and for some reason when I read the description, I was like, “Oh, yes. Yes of course it’s a Kyle Mooney joint.” That just feels right. Anyway, for a flick that’s one part The Truman Show, one part Room, and one part SNL Digital Short, Claire showed up at the premiere in an appropriately zesty, tart Prada frock that’s printed with lemons. Truly, it’s great on her — I’m juiced about it — and it’s a nice change. Not that she is a pulpy mess the rest of the time, but more that she just rarely seasons her clothes with a squeeze of personality, and so this hit of acid is just the right finisher.

Speaking of acid, though, this bear makes me feel like I am tripping balls, as the kids say:

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Even Claire is like, “Voila, I present to you THE HAUNTINGLY BLANK GAZE OF YOUR WORST NIGHT’S SLEEP. ENJOY.” Like, is this Brigsby Bear or Five Nights at Freddy’s? A game, by the way, that you should not play if you, too, secretly believe dolls are really just Airbnbs for Satan’s minions. So thanks for dredging up THAT paranoia, Brigsby.

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