Christopher John Rogers is one of the buzziest names in fashion right now, thanks in part to a CFDA win last year, and to the actresses, stylists, and publications who’ve rightly sought to amplify the work of Black designers in an industry that often drowns them out in favor of the same-old, same-old. This collection ought to get just as much attention; it’s bright and cheerful and celebratory, and my favorite detail about it came, yes, from the Vogue write-up:

Away from the studio and unable to do some of the draping he’s become known for, Rogers took things old school and pulled out the Crayolas. “I was away for four months and couldn’t do anything physical with my hands, so I just bought crayons and color pencils and started scribbling like I was a kid,” says Rogers, who has a background in fine arts. “I wasn’t trying to create anything specific; I just wanted to have fun and express myself. It’s about getting back to the way children see the world through very simple shapes. They put energy on the page when they draw, so this was about simplifying and translating that energy into the clothes.”

Big Crayola Energy really is how these feel. It’s a fun one to fantasy-style.

[Photos: Shutterstock]