What else can I really say, beyond this headline? It’s very accurate. I ove how Chrissy pulled out two colors from the pattern for two different accessories; the entire ensemble is making me smile. I’m down on my current supply of summer dresses — I keep defaulting to t-shirt dresses, because I work from home and they’re forgiving and casual — and I’m ALSO trying not to shop right now. But dang, this is making me want to hit up Boden or something and fancy up my closet with some cuteness like this. Where would I wear it? No idea. I guess the deli staff at Ralph’s might be excited if I rolled up in something nice, rather than super sweaty and still in my uniform after taekwondo. So I should probably do it. I should shop FOR THEM. Yes. Selflessness is so important.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]