We had three women in this category — Chloe Zhao for Nomadland, Regina King for One Night in Miami, and Emerald Fennell for Promising Young Woman. It would be a delight if the Oscars took note.

Chloe did not have on her knit cap for the telecast itself; this shot is from the virtual press room. But I might love it and want one for my own cold noggin. I wish we could see what she IS wearing. I’m sure it’s perfectly cromulent. Here are her cohorts:


I keep thinking that David Fincher is Bradley Whitford. Emerald — who wrote AND directed Promising Young Woman — up on the left looks very Parker-Bowlesian (edited to add: We got pictures, which I added at the bottom of this post! Hang tight!), which is appropriate, as that’s who she plays on The Crown. And that whole crew in the bottom left is the Aaron Sorkin Gang; he’s got his daughter with him right up front there. His screenplay won — I did not read great things about this movie; was that an upset, do we think, or a case of, “Hey, I know that name, he made The West Wing, CLICK”? — but he lost out here, which seems correct. Also I assume all these large groups Covid-tested?!? Olivia Munn was there at his house and I cannot imagine she’s been in a yearlong Covid bubble with Aaron Sorkin. Everyone just stay safe!

Regina King up there looked marvelous in Louis Vuitton:


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That is precise and so pretty. Why is LV doing some of its best work when it’s so much harder for us to see it?!?

And here is what we got of Emerald:

Emerald Fennell Prepares For The 78th Golden Globe Awards

I don’t know where she is, but it’s impressive. Her dress just read on TV like a plain old whatever, so I’m glad and sad to see it’s not quite so mumsy — glad because she deserved a big fancy night, and sad because we didn’t get the feel of it at all on the telecast.

Emerald Fennell Prepares For The 78th Golden Globe Awards

I wish she’d figured out how to do the whole show from up there.

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