The Dowager-Countess-to-Be is a mere 28 years old here, and the recipient of the Best Actress Evening Standard Awards for a play called The Private Ear and The Public Eye, which I think is technically TWO one-act plays which run concurrently; I wonder if she got two statuettes for this! What I do not wonder is if Young Maggie Smith was dishy, because that is quite obvious here.

Additionally: When you Google “Maggie Smith,” all the suggestions are “Is Maggie Smith dying?” “Is Maggie Smith healthy?” and “Does Maggie Smith have cancer?” which indicates to me that folks are very concerned about Maggie Smith. Friends, please rest easy, at least today: Google also indicates that she is fine! Another question people apparently often ask is, “Why was Maggie Smith damned by the Queen?” but those folks have misunderstood the difference between being damned and being DAMED. The latter happened in 1990. If the former comes to pass, it will be very interesting for us all.

(Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)