We saw Kristen Stewart and SWINTON’s looks from when they sat in the audience at Chanel Cruise; now we might as well ogle what came down the runway at them, as I saw a video on Instagram — I can’t remember where — of the celeb crew sitting around talking about all the things they coveted from it. Do we believe it, or are they being loyal to their hosts? Virginie Viard said the collection was inspired by a grab bag of Monegasque icons, chief among them Princess Caroline and the Grand Prix. These are not subtle influences. In the second photo, the model is carrying a No. 5 racing helmet, a portable anvil if ever there was one. But in the middle there are two or three nice day dresses, and a couple things sprinkled throughout that might turn up in unexpected places. I’m still never captivated by Chanel, and I can’t figure out why you’d put all your eggs in this particular quilted basket, but at least… it’s not all bad?

[Photos: Imaxtree]