I mean, mostly I just love this photo. Marc, babe, you’re IN THE SHOT! Look alive!

Maybe he looks so underwhelmed because this whole thing IS underwhelming. Laverne wears Bouwer a lot, and he’s done really right by her in the past — this is lovely, for example — but this particular effort feels surprisingly bland on her. Do I want to see her SWOOP in, sleeves dramatically flying, making a fantastic entrance in it? Yes, because I am a fan of the sleeve-cape. Emphatically, yes. I would like to see that everywhere. At this event, at next week’s Trooping The Colour (where she will sweep onto the Buckingham Palace balcony, holding Princess Charlotte), at my dentist’s office where I am getting a filling, at my local pizza place (where she will also kindly treat me to a calzone). I just think it might have been zinger in a jewel tone. Or am I totally off-base here?

[Photo: Getty Images]