You guys, Kiki’s earrings are ACTUAL REAL FLOWERS.

You can see them on Rodarte’s Instagram, too. I think they’re really, really beautiful. (I love flowers in general, and orchids as accessories in particular. They are such intricate works of nature.)

This is like taking the Flower Behind the Ear to the next level. It’s very creative — surely some enterprising women in the world have a way for those of us at home to make flowers from our yards into flowers hanging from our ears, right? I just want to go out wearing hibiscus jewelry; every time I try to stick one behind my ear it comes plonking out rebelliously. Regardless, I love it.

I actually like the dress she’s wearing, too — AGAINST ALL ODDS:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the skirt is sheer-ish, but it’s not obnoxious to me. I feel like this whole look — from those (FREAKING GLORIOUS) shoes to the flowers to the detailing on the dress — hits that retro note that Kiki wears very well. And, not for nothing, it makes me want a fizzy cocktail. YES IT’S EARLY. LEAVE ME ALONE.

[Photos: Getty]