I was playing a game the other night that’s akin to a clean version of Cards Against Humanity, but you match the cards in your hand, as answers, to other people’s existential questions or definitions. The card I had was, “Any Song By Celine Dion,” and it fit with basically everything on the table: Things People Love To Hate, Things That Are Terribly Misunderstood, Things That Are Too Beautiful To Behold, Things That Are Evil… it worked with all of them. That is of no real relevance here except that a) it just happened, b) we’re talking about Celine now, and c) she used to make me nuts but then somewhere in the last decade a switch flipped and now I think she’s divine. (I still played the card on “Things That Are Evil,” though, to get humor points. I also lost that round, so that’s what I get for going for the easy joke.)

Look at Madam Celine negotiating that hotel carpet like it’s her catwalk. I can’t rightly say I adore the dress — it’s a sparkly t-shirt leotard with some drapings over it, maybe? — but I think she is rocking it hard, and that it probably does adhere to this bonkers theme. And a huge part of what’s selling it for me is this:

She dove RIGHT IN on the hair. That is a royal-wedding-caliber keratin fascinator. I love it and fear it in equal measure and am so curious what materials they used to construct it.

But this is what really sold me. Vogue’s Instagram has posted some little edited, stylized video-booth type things, and the one of Celine is AMAZING. Some of the others are so boring, but Celine commits. She shimmies. She crawls. SHE USES HER SHOE AS A PHONE.

And for that, she is everything. A+++, Madame. You can come to Drinks With Broads anytime.

[Photos: Getty]