Perrie here is a member of the girl group Little Mix, and is engaged to one of the people in One Direction who isn’t Harry Styles.

She is also romancing a onesie that looks like Justin Bieber’s Fug Madness run plus a Snuggie plus Dr. Seiss multiplied by that scene in the original Willy Wonka where the Oompa Loompas shrink Mike Teevee. Her legs look six inches long, and all I can think of is how weird it must feel when you’re ostensibly wearing pants and yet you can feel your thigh skin bumping occasionally. When The Future finally comes and we’re all wearing onesie uniforms because of our interstellar overlords, I am torn: This would be a lot more forgiving of sandwiches than those Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes, for example, but it would also have me seriously considering a move to an uninhabitable planet just to escape Crotch Knee Syndrome. Decisions.

[Photo: WENN]