Somebody wants to get back in The Conversation.

Right now, Jaimie Alexander should be composing a thank-you note that reads, “Dear Paris: I didn’t think anything could make my naked dress seem less bad, but you really stepped up and achieved the impossible. You are the Albert Einstein of tacky. Love, Jaimie.”

Whatever is happening on her pelvic bone is weird — it LOOKS blurred, but these photo services don’t do that (and many of them prefer MORE salacious to LESS, anyway), so I’m guessing it’s the light bouncing strangely off whatever mesh is there, but it’s drawing a huge amount of attention to The Bernude-a Triangle and I wish it would stop.

But since we’re there: Let’s decide which view is more horrifying. This one, or the one from the side:

So many scary shadows.

Which is more terrifying? And yes, I'm going to make you pick one, not both.

  • The first photo (8%, 431 Votes)
  • The second photo (86%, 4,714 Votes)
  • Neither. I am immune. SO THERE. (6%, 315 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,460

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[Photo: Pacific Coast News]