I love the idea of these two as besties.

Veronica Mars would be a real ally for Olivia Pope. She would have been ALL OVER detecting all the shenanigans going on with Olivia’s father, while Olivia was too busy not handling things, nor fixing them, nor doing much of anything except pointing wildly and putting. BIG. SPACES. between. words. (I actually think Veronica would be good for Liv. She’d kick her right back into being sassy and efficient, rather than Fitz’s love pawn.)

ANYWAY. Kristen is pregnant, and her Andrew Gn is a really nice pick — ritzy but not strenuous. Kerry looks FABULOUS in Mary Katrantzou… until you get to her feet. I actually enjoy those shoes, but they seem to belong to a whole other outfit, like they’re the comfy backups she wore over and then forgot to swap out in the limo.  Just give them a  life with another outfit, and we’d be fine, Ker. Can I consider it handled?

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