Many moons ago, I wasted much of my breath complaining that Carly Rae Jepsen dressed like a seventeen year old despite being, like, 29 years old at the time. But now that she’s 31 years old, I feel like she’s overdone her course correction and looks now mustier┬áthan she actually is. (31 is BARELY musty at all.) WILL I NEVER BE SATISFIED — other than by her catchy, catchy pop music stylings, which are ageless and perfect? The answer, obviously, is no. But I feel like we could all be MORE satisfied. The good news is, this dress wasn’t like $10,000 — it’s $450 at Net-a-Porter — so no one splashed out a mint on some must, but when I looked it up, I fell into a wormhole of dresses from the same label that would be better for a 31 year old pop singer at the daytime weekend premiere of an animated movie: I love this one! Or this one! Or this one, if you require a maxi-dress! I honestly might even have accepted these bonkers floral overalls (it’s a kids’ movie, after all.) THERE ARE CHOICES, IS WHAT I’M SAYING.

[Photo: WENN]