This is not the same van Herpen that Gwendoline Christie wore, but it’s related — say, a cousin whom you see every other Thanksgiving — and that’s the big problem of attempting it: The gown is just evocative enough to make me wish I was reliving this moment instead. It is at least moderately Klumian, with the cleavage and the threat of a crotch flash. But:

2019 Angel Ball, New York, USA - 28 Oct 2019

Is it just me, or does Heidi not quite carry this off? She’s a model, and yet I don’t feel like she’s bringing very much to this. It’s unfair to compare any mortal to Ser Brienne, of course, but she suits up in these van Herpens with some real regal bearing befitting the art pieces they are, and Heidi just kinda looks like she’s slipping out of a truly absurd caftan that someone made out of vellum. To be fair, 99.5 percent of humans would have the same problem, but that’s also why 99.499999 percent of people don’t try them.

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