This dress is perfectly reasonable on Camila, but when I got down to her feet, I cringed with my entire body because it looks like she’s tiptoeing out barefoot. CURSE YOU, Plastic See-Through Sandals, for causing great alarm. In fairness, she might as well be barefoot, because her toes always seem to be making a run for it and I cannot guarantee that none of those piggies kissed the pavement.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - June 12, 2024

I just… I cannot worry more about a person’s foot hygiene than they do, obviously, so whatever. But I do NOT CARE FOR the optical illusion and I’m glad to reveal it was — mostly — just that.

Sidebar: I don’t think this Halloween Wig Blonde is working on her (I don’t know if this IS a wig, but that is where I last saw this particular dye job). Play Tyra Banks for a second and tell me what makeover you would give her. I honestly kind of want her to do a choppy, punk-flavored pixie; am I deranged?

[Photos: Gotham/GC Images]