Edward Enninful seems to be having a blast with his last few issues of British Vogue, including this showcase for queer artists, athletes, and activists. They only sent out photos of a few of them, but the larger portfolio includes Emma D’Arcy of House of the Dragon, Bella Ramsey of The Last of Us, footballer Jess Carter, the first gay couple to marry in the UK, a Labour MP, UK Black Pride co-founder Lady Phyll, and more. There was a rumor that Conde Nast’s chief didn’t love how progressive this magazine has become under Enninful’s stewardship, to which I say: Blow it all out on your way out the door, sir.

[Photos: Tim Walker, stories (linked on each slide) by Chris Godfrey, Amel Mukhtar, Liam Hess, Alice Saville, Radhika Seth, Laura Hawkins, and Zing Tsjeng; British Vogue is on newsstands June 20]