This is a really similar silhouette to the Burberry she wore to the London Theatre Awards.

And so I’m tossing Anna into the ring with herself, with two similarly conceived looks duking it out for supremacy. In one corner: that other dress and its stunning color, its funky texture, cool ring, but the air of being a very beautiful towel boringly fit to her chest. In the other, one that might be a wee pinch on one side of the bodice, but with great metallic accessories and a cleanness, a crispness, which the other seems to lack. It’s about two bracelets shy of great, but it also might be the kind of thing she should wear to a daytime BAFTA tea party rather than a nighttime shindig honoring the very best in fashion. Because this looks like the admittedly very impressive best of Ann Taylor.

Which Anna takes it?

  • The pink Beckham (80%, 3,612 Votes)
  • The deep teal Burberry (20%, 920 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,532

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