Last year, I wrote a long Blake Lively fashion retrospective, in which we examined whether or not she truly deserved the nickname we gave her several years ago, Boobs Legsly (in reference to the fact that she had seemingly read the book Choose Your Cleavage or Your Legs: A Tried and True Style Guideline and laughed and thrown it out the window). The answer was yes. Yes, she did deserve it.  And if you found yourself wondering recently, “has Blake Lively gone outside and rescued that book from the bushes and decided to live by its tenets?” I am here to tell you the answer is no. No, she has not. Boobs Legsly is dead, long live Boob Legsly! (She also won “Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress” last night, so top that, Meryl Streep.)

And speaking of Robyn Lively, it’s my pleasure to inform you that she looks GREAT.

[Photo: Getty Images]