We were just discussing yesterday whether Blake Lively has a stylist, or makes her own deals. For a long time she apparently prided herself on doing her own wardrobe, and that’s great, but Fug Nation’s current theory is that she still does not get help — and that she would seem way less all over the place if she did have a firm guiding hand on her payroll. And, that she would slip less frequently into the “I’m wearing every single part of the look as it was styled on the runway” trap, which comes off much more costumey than just picking out a single piece or two that you love, or changing the trappings. I tend to think that is true. However, this one ALMOST refutes that, because although it’s head-to-toe Monse, it also has almost nothing to do with The Blake Lively Experience at all. Blake Lively is not this person. I don’t even think Blake Lively particularly WANTS to be this person, so I can’t figure out why she got it, or whose idea it was; if I didn’t already know she claims not to use a stylist, I would SWEAR it had been forced upon her by one. It’s absurd. The whole collection is coming up on GFY later today, and it’s like Varsity Sports Team hell.

This was from the afterparty for the premiere; we’ve seen what she wore on that red carpet already, but here’s a shot of her with Ryan Reynolds:

New York Screening of ALL I SEE IS YOU Starring Blake Lively

I am NOT feeling Ryan’s various pieces, none of which appear to belong together, and all of which I assume are only assembled thusly because he’s going through a real Frank From Outlander phase. Spoiler, Ryan: That’s not going to end well for you.

[Photos: InstarImages.com]