I can’t tell if this is a case of Right Dress, Wrong Girl; right dress, wrong styling; or just… wrong.

The bright parts are fun, I think; I wish she’d gone with a lighter eye and a slightly hotter pink lipstick to play off them. The shoes are fine in theory but don’t deliver on any of the dress’s neon whimsy. My concern is with the rest of it. I feel like I’m seeing more contours than is strictly necessary, and I think maybe someone who has a bit more… authority… would fit the gown better. Selena Gomez is super famous, I get that, but something about her isn’t particularly commanding (yet?). Imagine it on a Miley, a Kate Hudson, even a January Jones. Is it better? Is it groovy? Or is it still just kind of a jumble of burst highlighters and torn paper, like a junior-high kid’s backpack?

Seal the deal:

  • Right girl, right dress (13%, 900 Votes)
  • Wrong girl, right dress (41%, 2,803 Votes)
  • Wrong dress, no matter who's wearing it (46%, 3,199 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,902

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