Somebody needs to hire Chloe Sevigny again, because fug like hers needs to be leaving the house all the time.

Admit it: You missed coming into work and being greeted by this, and you’re kind of wishing you could print it out poster-size and wrap your boss’s door in it. Maybe I’ll do that for Jessica for Christmas. It’ll involve a little light breaking and entering, but I think she and her neighbors will forgive me once they see it. Let’s go to the close-up:

It’s like she made herself a Christmas present to the world, then couldn’t wait for us to unwrap her, so she got things started. And it cracks me up that she got a severe banged bob now that she’s not playing a sister-wife anymore, as if she got so sick of wearing thick frizzy braids that her stylist spent 20 minutes talking her down from a buzz cut and getting her to agree to this compromise.

Welcome back, Chloe. Don’t stay away so long next time.

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