A) If I told you this was Beyonce’s new wax figure, you would totally believe me, right?

B) Here’s my honest question. Do you think Beyonce ever gets bored of this red carpet aesthetic? I assume no — my feeling is Beyonce does whatever she wants, and has endless resources at her disposal, so if she woke up one morning and decided she wanted to dress like Tilda Swinton or Helena Bonham Carter or Solange or Kate Middleton or Bjork or Hillary Clinton, she could and would, so she must really be into the endless parade of sheer, beaded confections. Other than the arm-flaps, I actually think this is objectively striking. But it’s starting to feel like so much of a sameness that it’s not really making the impact it might otherwise.

Having said that, I love one of her performance outfits — in part, I think, because it feels like such a deviation from her usual:

If this is ushering in a new era of groovy brocade pantsuits, I am here for it.

(FYI: Elle has good coverage of Beyonce’s performance at this event – you probably read online that she had an earring ripped out and just went on with the show as if nothing happened; she also gave a good speech encouraging people to get out and vote. Say what you will about her red carpet attire, but the woman is a pro.)

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