It’s been a rocky road with Ben’s trousers. They’ve been yanked up too high, they’ve been too tight and too short, too flared, or they’ve been too Willy Loman. While this is not his worst, he’s certainly giving us a meal upon which to chew: the sockless-with-slippers look, which is not a favorite of mine, and a very bold print against a stark white shirt. Does the shirt need to play off a color of the pants? Does it feel too much like a suit that’s missing its jacket? And does that print feel like it’s essentially painting a bulls-eye on his crotch? Thank you, Ben Platt, for giving me a place to aim my arrow on this Wednesday. Every day with goofy pants to dissect is a day closer to feeling like we’re getting the world back for real.

[Photo: Shutterstock]
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