Louis Vuitton showed its menswear collection yesterday, and Bella popped by wearing this courtesy boob bag. By which I mean, it genuinely appears as if someone cut out the back half of the purse and then fitted the rest over her chest. Look, there’s even a handy strap for turning it into a crossbody. Congrats, I guess, on being the world’s first human handbag?

Tatras X Riot Hill Show, Front Row, Paris Fashion Week Men's, France - 16 Jan 2020

From that, to this: a turtleneck bodysuit, pants, a sweatshirt, bare sandals, and a vest that might believe itself — erroneously — to be bulletproof. And a lot of strings, because she apparently loves feeling like she is walking through a cloth car wash. Perhaps she’s worried she doesn’t have enough in the can for a Fug Madness run. FOMFM: It’s real.

[Photos: Shutterstock]