It felt like the Barbie promo tour ended before we were emotionally ready to let go; I assume Andrew Mukamal and Margot Robbie felt the same, because with the strike over, they went right back to business with a tribute to 2015’s “Cherry Pie Picnic” doll. In fact, there were no fewer than three events at which the central trio — sorry, Ken — showed up and wiggled their spirit fingers, though I don’t have the reference points for Margot’s other two outfits, though it’s possible they’re just homages to her color scheme and not specific dupes. Regardless, I hope we can round out the year with a bit more playtime — and if you forgot the other outfits already, because summer 2023 was approximately three years ago, I have good news for you:

I never get tired of these. Love them or hate them, it’s SUCH meticulous styling. Mukamal is doing Carey Mulligan now, too; she’d been with Nicky Yates until at least summer 2022, and is on Mukamal’s Instagram from November of that year. I’m not sure I see a real DIFFERENCE yet — she’s mostly in black still, but maybe that’s her comfort zone — but, as the PSA goes, The More You Know.

[Photos: Gilbert Flores/Deadline via Getty Images, Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images]