So many conflicting emotions:

  1. She looks great.
  3. Speaking of, I forgot how crazy gorgeous she actually is. Remember this?

(From A Room With a View, of course — perhaps my favorite movie ever and one in which each role is truly perfectly cast. Also: full frontal male nudity. You know, just in case you haven’t seen it. You probably should.)


  1. She has aged surprisingly little
  2. She may have, secretly, when she’s not doing it with a blender, some of the best hair ever — hair which, in fact, prompted my mother during the period in which I was watching RWaV regularly to lament that I should probably get a perm.
  3. I do miss the crazy. What am I supposed to do with myself if HBC doesn’t show up places dressed like a pirate wench? I loved the pirate wench craziness.
  4. OMG, you don’t think a return to normalcy signals PROBLEMS WITH TIM BURTON? I mean, HE is ALSO wacky, so if she de-wackifies….no. No, I can’t deal with that. Talk about two people who seem perfectly suited to one another. And it was just Valentine’s Day. Surely all is well. I will brook no argument.
  5. What does this mean in light of her widely reported statement that her Oscars look will “probably be a catastrophe”? Is she lulling us into a false sense of security??? That is WILY.
  6. I love her. The end.