Overall, I really like this dress on Julianne.

But the the bow on the back of the dress interferes — in photos, anyway — with the lines of the front.  I think in person it probably looked normal, because the eye could distinguish between Dress and Back Bow, but in a flat two-dimensional photo you can’t. So in almost every photo she looked unusually wide and boxy, and it’s because where they SHOULD be air because of the curvature of her hip, you are instead seeing more blue velvet (not to be confused with Blue Velvet; if you see Isabella Rossellini’s head floating around back there, please do seek professional help). I chose this picture because the light falls in such a way that you can tell what’s going on a bit better, but it’s an unfortunate optical illusion with an otherwise nice dress that actually looks very pretty on her — and as an added bonus, does not have a giant sleeve that looks like a deflated balloon.

However, the whole issue could’ve been solved by just not HAVING the bow on the back, and I’m thinking I would’ve liked that alteration:

It’s not like it’s a very special bow. It’s just a bow. Floppy, loopy, droopy, like an elephant’s ears. Does it wobble to and fro? Can she throw it o’er her shoulder like a continental soldier? If so, I’m told, then it’s a strong indicator that your bow does, in fact, hang low.

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  • Gorgeous dress all around. (41%, 2,940 Votes)
  • Wow, that bow does muck things up. (42%, 3,023 Votes)
  • The bow is the only interesting part! (7%, 518 Votes)
  • It's all a MESS. Just the way she likes it, apparently. (10%, 721 Votes)

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