Well. I think she looks great; this is one of my favorites of the night. But also, significantly, I like that scrappy H&M tries to swim with the high-fashion fishes every year, and in a thoughtful way. Unlike, say, Prada, H&M did not punt. H&M really considered this. This gown takes a silhouette that is kissing every curve of her hourglass, and embellishes it into something that’s a very thorough nod to the theme, paying tribute to Kawakubo’s bolder, voluminous, sculptural creations, while also — with the hook-and-eye trail visible, for example — threading through the deconstructed style that’s also one of her hallmarks. (She has a lot of them.) The brand put in the effort, and the result was worth it. Glamour did a whole piece about the creation of this outfit that I found very interesting, and which includes this:

Graham was actually supposed to attend last year’s gala. According to her, she was put on hold for the Manus x Machina–themed party, but after no designer stepped up to dress her, the invite fell through. The tea: At the time she thought she had been uninvited because her husband had hugged Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who oversees the event, upon meeting her.

I love imagining the two of them, for the past year, groaning to each other, “OMG I WAS JUST A HUG! I MEANT WELL!”

In a housekeeping note: When the list of names is this long, and so are our posts, we just can’t possibly get to everyone on the first day. Our Met Gala coverage will stretch to two or even three days — just like the Oscars, and just like the Globes, and indeed like every year of the Met — so if we haven’t covered someone you want to see, it’s not because we don’t care, or that we’re skipping them. The order in which we feature people isn’t a ranking, except for maybe the first couple biggies; it’s just based on where our creative juices take us. I mean, I JUST found out Mandy AND Julianne Moore were there. Pictures JUST KEEP COMING. We haven’t done Kerry Washington, or Tracee Ellis Ross, or most of the models, or Lily Collins, or… up until about noon, we hadn’t tackled Madonna yet, or Ashley, because we had gotten sidetracked. The gist of this all is: HANG IN THERE. We’re coming for them all.

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