So, Ashleigh Cummings here is about to have a potentially big year. She’s in NOS4A2 (yes, that’s pronounced “Nosferatu”) on AMC, which premieres this summer — I saw MANY ads during Fosse/Verdon — and she’s also landed the the ingenue role (for lack of a better term) in the upcoming adaptation of The Goldfinch, a novel I think must have been… challenging to adapt to film. (It’s LONG and it’s got a whole other novel in the middle of it; personally, I want an adaptation of The Secret History if we’re doing a Donna Tartt but NO ONE ASKS ME!!!!!) You may also remember her from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, in which she played Dot, Miss Fisher’s sweet sidekick.  Did I shriek when I realized that this person was Dot, and also that Dot might be about to have a big year? Reader, I did.  Am I also a teeeeeny bit concerned that she might still be wearing her Dot costume? Reader, I am.

[Photo: ROGER WONG/]