Ariana’s dress situation is a fascinating look at the styling process: It truly seems as if her team sent out a call for a gigantic grey dress that would go with gloves, and they weighed the options that came back to them (that she wore two — maybe these were the only two — does at least suggest she respected the custom work that went into the one that was her second choice).

Also, I must use this space to mention that Billy Porter’s hat was MOTORIZED. Baja East did the rest of the suit and worked on the hat in conjunction with Sarah Sokol, and the designer had this to say about the whole look:

“I mean, it’s like Elton John and Selena had a baby, riding a Clydesdale playing peekaboo. But Billy acts like he’s just taking a casual stroll through Whole Foods.”

It is… hard to top that.

[Photos: WENN, Getty, Shutterstock]