This photo appears to have caught the exact moment where Annabelle Wallis began to regret wearing this out of her hotel room. It is…not great. There is an certain¬†eau de Barnum et Bailey about it that is not particularly becoming, and that’s not even addressing the fact that it appears to involve giant beige leather cuffs, for what I can only assume are REASONS. In all honesty, I actually understand¬†why she chose this, in theory — or at least I can majick up a reason that makes sense. She’s in a movie about King Arthur, and the stripes and lion vaguely recall aspects of various standards flown in Ye Olden Times (at least as far as I understand things from my long study of TV movies about medieval England). You can see how a jet-lagged actress and her similarly jet-lagged stylist might have talked themselves into this. There is nothing more painful than scoring an own goal.

[Photo: WENN]