This photo appears to have caught the exact moment where Annabelle Wallis began to regret wearing this out of her hotel room. It is…not great. There is an certain eau de Barnum et Bailey about it that is not particularly becoming, and that’s not even addressing the fact that it appears to involve giant beige leather cuffs, for what I can only assume are REASONS. In all honesty, I actually understand why she chose this, in theory — or at least I can majick up a reason that makes sense. She’s in a movie about King Arthur, and the stripes and lion vaguely recall aspects of various standards flown in Ye Olden Times (at least as far as I understand things from my long study of TV movies about medieval England). You can see how a jet-lagged actress and her similarly jet-lagged stylist might have talked themselves into this. There is nothing more painful than scoring an own goal.

[Photo: WENN]