First of all — the lighting in these photos is sort of wack, god knows why. (I think the red carpet logistics people are also still getting back to their usual level of work!) So apologies for that. But this is pretty! Sometimes, I feel like her stylist does not quite know how to dress her, which is confusing to me — she is petite, but she’s 5’2, which is not that petite. But this is good! (The runway version showed it with flat boots, which I think is more stylistically interesting but not in her personal wheelhouse and I think it would have been overwhelming. I would be interested in hearing your arguments for her wearing it with Fancy Flats, though, because I think someone could make one.)

Here’s your train:

'Love Life', Tribeca Fall Preview, New York, USA - 24 Oct 2021

This is pretty! It has a fun Marilyn-Monroe-in-Gentlemen-Prefer-Blondes vibe and I suspect it was really fun to wear. But in more important news, it appears that Love Life’s primary protagonist this season will be William Jackson “Chidi” Harper, who showed up in a green velvet suit:

Tribeca Fall Preview:

I mean….I guess I am watching this now!

[Photos: Photo Image Press/Shutterstock]