As negotiations continue to sputter along awkwardly in the SAG-AFTRA strike, Lily Gladstone’s potential history-making Oscars run — first Native American nominee, and first non-cisgender (Lily uses she/they pronouns) — is somewhat on hold because she can’t promote Killers of the Flower Moon. But they CAN show up to OTHER events at which they’re nominated, like the Time 100 Next, which is, as it sounds, kind of the JV team to the Time 100’s Varsity squad: up-and-comers rather than established influences. As Jess noted in the comments of our Drinks With Broads free issue yesterday, in which I also confessed that I didn’t actually like the movie, Gladstone’s campaign is not the primary reason to hope for an end to the strike. But it WOULD be a boon for those of us who really enjoy watching a star and a stylist team up for an inaugural run like that. Let’s cross our fingers, and enjoy the more colorfully clad Time 100 Next attendees.

[Photos: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images, Mike Coppola/Getty Images]