For obvious reasons, this outfit drew a lot of comparisons to Carrie’s opening-credits tutu skirt situation from the original Sex and the City. And I’m sure it is meant to evoke that… right? Is there any other reason why a person would wear this skirt? She looks kind of like a toddler who INSISTED on wearing her favorite princess dress to the grocery store and her mother was like, “It’s 59 degrees, can you at least wear long sleeves,” and this was the compromise.

'And Just Like That...' TV show filming, New York, USA - 27 Aug 2021

Pat Field originally said the tutu skirt, a $5 bargain bin find, was chosen more out of instinct than anything; looking back she said it fit because “in a way, Carrie’s dancing through her life in New York.” I cannot imagine what she’s doing now. Storming out of dress fittings? Trying to be the MOST EXTRA at her 50-and-up ballet class? Making voice-over jokes about putting the “petty” in “petticoat”? At least the sweater is cute.

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