Cameras are officially rolling on the Sex and the City sequel, And Just Like That…, which I am torn about: I’m genuinely not interested in these characters, but as a fan of TV and pop culture and how-the-sausage-is-made in general, I’m VERY curious in how they’re going to handle the absence of Samantha, and how they’ll mature the tone (if at all) to account for the intervening years. So, chiefly, the logistics and the writing room decisions. So I’m sure I’ll check it out, whenever it premieres. For now, we just have shots of them filming on the street, something I am positive they chose to open with on purpose, so that they had a shot to leak of the three remaining friends walking through New York. Although the one they distributed on social media was bananas:


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Charlotte looks MISERABLE, as if the end to “And just like that” is, “A planetary blister on the back of her heel burst open like a faulty water main.” However, you may be pleased to know that this may be an anomaly, because the shots in the slideshow prove Kristin Davis still has a handle on Charlotte’s exaggerated facial expressions.

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